1. Determine the Dynamo Swim School site for your swim lessons that best meets your needs.
  2. Click on the registration link for your swim school site of choice.
  3. Select the class you want and click register.
  4. Complete the family and student information in the Registration form. Add any additional family students that you wish.
  5. Review and acknowledge the Dynamo Swim School Policies and Release information.
  6. Provide the requested credit card information for monthly swim lesson payment. Please note that your card is not charge at the time of registration. Dynamo Swim School fees are paid monthly at the first of the month. Your card will remain on file for payment of the monthly swim lesson fees.
  7. Please note that Dynamo Swim School now has an annual registration fee for enrollment. This fee will post with class enrollment but not waitlist enrollment. It will be posted when students are moved from the waitlist to the active roster.
  8. Click Submit Registration at the bottom of the form.
  9. You should receive an e-mail confirming your Dynamo Swim School enrollment.