Dynamo Alpharetta
5075 Abbotts Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA 30005

The Dynamo Parents Club continued its mission to improve and expand its programs and community involvement by constructing the Alpharetta site in 1996. The original Alpharetta facility is named after Doug Coers and offers two indoor pools. The main competition pool is 8 lanes by 25 yards ranging from 4-7 feet deep. The second pool, used mainly for instruction, is 4 lanes by 25 yards and ranges from 3-5 feet in depth. In 2007, a third training pool (6 lanes by 25 meters) was added. In addition, the facility offers office space and an All-American Swim Shop store. The facility is in the Abbotts Kids Village which offers other stores specializing in Children`s activities.


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  • Site Director Nancy Ramos
  • Phone 770-772-6007 Ext 214
  • Email ramos@dynamoswimclub.com